Requesting a Copy of Your Records

There are occasions when you may need a copy of your record. For your protection and to comply with HIPAA and the state of Mississippi laws, Singing River Services must follow stringent requirements. Since we are a mental health treatment facility these requirements, for your protection, are more extensive than other types of medical records. There is an additional release you must complete if you are requesting psychotherapy notes. For your convenience Singing River Services has posted a copy of these requirements and also copies of our releases here. Please review your release to ensure it meets these requirements. Alternatively, you may use the Singing River Services releases (recommended). If the releases do not meet the HIPAA and State of MS requirements we will be unable to process your request. Again, you may find copies of Singing River Services here. You must fill out the Authorization form(s) completely! If the Authorization form is incomplete we will be unable to release the information you requested.


DMH Authorization Form

DMH Psychotherapy Note Authorization Form

Authorization Check List