Addiction Services

Substance Abuse Services

Singing River Services provides comprehensive substance abuse treatment through an array of programs to suit an individual’s needs. Our services are affordable, clinically effective and are provided in discreet, supportive settings. Our treatment team is continually trained in cutting edge treatment approaches as a means to best help individuals overcome addiction

Substance Abuse Programs

Primary Residential

The Stevens Center is a 30-day residential alcohol and drug treatment program that utilizes gender-specific, evidence-based curriculum to facilitate the recovery process. The Stevens Center offers referrals for withdrawal management (detox.) prior to beginning the program for individuals who meet criteria.


The transitional program is for individuals who have completed the Stevens Center or other primary residential treatment program. Residents must begin the transitional program directly after residential with no gaps in treatment in order to qualify for the program. The maximum duration of transitional program is 90 days.

Recovery Support Services (formerly "Aftercare")

Recovery Support Services is offered to any individual who has completed the Stevens Center or other primary residential treatment program.  Recovery Support Services is conducted once a week in a group setting and offers individual and family counseling for up to two years following the completion of residential treatment.

Peer Support Services

Peer support services is offered in all Alcohol and Drug programs and are provided by a certified peer support specialist.  This services assists an individual who is in treatment with transitioning back into the community by linkage to programs, organizations, groups and other resources.

Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP)

The IOP program is a 10-week outpatient alcohol and drug treatment program that meets three days a week in a group setting.  It incorporates weekly individual and family sessions and support group meetings to assist individuals who are not better suited by primary residential treatment.

Phase I DUI

The Phase I DUI program is a 10-week outpatient program that meets two hours, once a week in a group setting. This program is designed to educate and assist second and subsequent DUI offenders with reinstating their driver’s license.

Prevention Services

Prevention Services are offered in the form of school-based curriculums and community-based services throughout various schools and locations within Region 14.  The current services offered educate youth on the dangers of alcohol, tobacco and other drugs.  Prevention Services also educates merchants in the region on the laws concerning the sale of tobacco and alcohol to minors.