Children's Services

The staff at Singing River Services, Children's Services, works closely with the child, parents/guardians, school staff, and all others involved with the child to ensure that the emotional/behavioral needs of the child are being met. It is our goal to identify and treat mental illness as early as possible, so that children can be successful at home, at school, and in the community. This is vital, because it is our belief that every child is our future.

Community Support Services

Community Support Services is a vital part of the early intervention program. Community Support Services assist a family in accessing and coordinating the other services needed by the family. This linkage is vital in meeting the needs of young children and their families. The case manager serves as a key liaison between the family, therapist, and preschool involvement to coordinate services and advocate on behalf of the child.


Crisis Intervention

Singing River Services staff is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week to assist you and your child in crisis situation. The crisis line number is 228-497-0690. Between 8:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. Monday through Friday, Children’s Services staff is available at our Pascagoula office to provide immediate interventions to those children and adolescents experiencing a crisis. Please call Children’s Services at 228-696-0030 if you require additional information.

Early Intervention Program

The mission of the early intervention program is to identify and evaluate as early as possible those children (ages 3-5) who are already experiencing emotional and behavioral problems and to provide interventions to improve child and family development, and the mental health of the child. There are several components to the program, all of which work together to provide early intervention strategies and support to young children and their families. Family involvement is an important key to this program.

The goal of this program is to identify mental health needs as early as possible. By identifying needs as early as 3 and 4 years old, children can receive much needed interventions and supports before they even begin school. This can decrease the number of problems the child has once they start elementary school.

Day Treatment

The early intervention day treatment program serves children with severe emotional and behavioral problems that have been caused by traumatic events, exposure to drugs and violence, disrupted attachments to adults/caregivers, neurological vulnerabilities, and family history of mental illness. The program is designed for children who are already experiencing significant difficulties functioning at home or preschool. It is not designed to replace preschool/daycare. It is an intervention to address emotional and behavioral problems. The focus is on helping children develop coping, problem-solving, and social skills so that they can regulate their emotions and better control their behavior.


Family Education/Support

Family involvement is crucial in the early intervention programs. Parents receive support and guidance to help them cope with their child’s difficulties. Parents also receive training in parenting skills and behavioral modification techniques. The goal is to assist parents in developing the necessary skills to have a strong and nurturing environment at home.


In addition to working closely with the case manager, the therapist works with day treatment/preschool/head start staff to assist in the implementation of interventions that will address the needs of the child. Working both with the school/day care and with the family, the therapist’s interventions allow for consistency at home and in the preschool setting.

Individual & Family Therapy

Individual therapy is provided to children by a master’s level therapist. Therapy services can be provided at school, in the office, or at the home as needed. The overall goal of the therapeutic process is to address the emotional and behavioral issues that have resulted in treatment. During the initial intake session, the goals are developed by the therapist, the parent, and the child.

Family therapy is available when issues are such that the whole family, parents/siblings, or individual members of the family need counseling to work through issues which have a direct impact on the child receiving services.

Group Therapy

There are currently two groups offered for children and adolescents in Jackson County. These groups include anger management group and adolescent alcohol and drug group. The purpose of these groups is to meet the ever growing mental health/substance abuse needs of the children and adolescents in Jackson County.

Adolescent Alcohol and Drug Group

This is a comprehensive alcohol and drug group that combines treatment, prevention, and relapse prevention. It focuses on the issues behind the alcohol and drug use, the steps to stop using, and steps to prevent relapse. Participants receive a certificate upon completing this course. This uses a curriculum that has been proven successful in treating alcohol and drug issues in adolescents. This is a 21-week ongoing program. This combines a 12-week primary treatment group and a 9-week aftercare or relapse prevention group.

Anger Management Group

This group focuses on understanding the causes of anger, violence, abuse, developing conflict resolution skills, the different types of anger, and steps to control anger. The group is based on anger control techniques that have been proven successful. Participants receive a certificate upon completion of the course. It is a 12-week course.

MAP Team

The MAP Team in Jackson and George Counties operate to address the needs of children in these communities who have severe emotional and/or behavioral problems. The MAP Team is made up of representatives from the community, including staff from Singing River Services, Youth Court, DHS, Big Brother Big Sister, local school districts, and other representatives of children/youth family service groups or organizations.

The members of the MAP Team work to identify the special needs of these children to determine the best plan for addressing the emotional and behavioral needs. This may include identifying resources in the community, making recommendations for adding resources in the community, assisting children/families in meeting needs that will result in a reduction of the severity of emotional and/or behavioral problems, and working in any other way to improve the overall functioning of the child. The goal is to provide the children and their families with the access to care that is needed to improve the functioning and quality of life for the child and the family.

Parenting Classes

This class is for any parent/caregiver who is interested in learning and expanding their parenting skills. Some parents may want to participate in this class because their child is disrespectful, does not follow directions, or has other behavioral problems. Other parents can benefit from expanding their parenting skills. Where ever you may fall on this spectrum, this parenting class can be beneficial. Children are not born with a manual. Parents try their best to raise their children based on how they were raised and how they think they should parent. Sometimes this is successful, and sometimes it is not. By deciding to improve and expand your parenting skills, you are making an important step in becoming a better parent. Just as our children benefit from education, so do we as parents.

The parenting class is based on the Active Parenting Now program. It is a scientifically based program that has been proven successful in teaching parenting skills. Geared toward children ages 5 and up, it focuses on not only basic parenting skills, but other skills necessary to be a successful parent. It teaches communication skills, reward and punishment, discipline, family structure, utilizing the family meeting, parenting styles, and other important parenting skills. This is a 6-week parenting class with an optional 7th week focusing on parenting ADHD children. Upon successful completion of the program, parents receive a certificate.

This parenting class is offered free of charge to parents, caregivers, and any other individuals seeking additional information and support about raising children. Childcare is available, but please call ahead. This course is geared toward teaching parents and caregivers the skills needed to be successful. Although it cannot provide all the answers to every parenting problem, it will provide parents with the necessary parenting skills to address the needs of their family. Registration is required. Please call 228-696-0030 to sign up. Parenting Class is offered on Tuesdays from 5:15-6:15

Psychiatric Services

Our staff psychiatrist provides psychiatric services to children every Monday and Thursday at the Children’s Services office. All children in services must receive a psychiatric evaluation and are seen for follow up medication checks as needed. Children must be seen at least one time every six months. In addition, children can be seen on an emergency basis as needed.

Day Treatment

The day treatment program at Singing River Services is a therapeutic service designed to provide children with more support than they traditionally receive in an outpatient mental health setting. Day Treatment is designed for children with serious emotional and/or behavioral problems and children with severe social skills deficits. The day treatment program is designed to provide children with the necessary skills to be successful at home, at school, and in the community.

The day treatment curriculum focuses on anger management, conflict resolution, problem solving, coping skills, developing social skills, and character building. Our staff works to provide a structured and therapeutic environment for all children that attend. Behavior modification and positive reinforcement strategies are stressed.

School Based Day Treatment

School based day treatment programs provide children with intensive day treatment services during their school day. Singing River Services staff works in conjunction with several local schools in Jackson and George County to provide these services in the school setting.

After School Day Treatment

After school day treatment is run in various locations, and we are continually looking to expand based on the needs of the children in Jackson and George Counties. The after school program runs for two hours after school and is available for elementary school students only. It combines structured therapeutic lessons with therapeutic recreational activities to provide children with a wide range of learning and reinforcing experiences. Transportation is provided from the school, and we will bring the children home. Please call our office regarding the location of our after school programs.

Summer Day Treatment

The summer day treatment program is an intensive eight week program that focuses on a different therapeutic lesson each week. Children participate in a wide range of fun, yet structured activities to enhance the therapeutic environment. Included is a variety of therapeutic recreational activities that reinforce the skills learned in therapeutic lessons. Children also have the opportunity to engage in structured indoor activities, such as arts and crafts, that promote listening, patience, following directions, impulse control, and a wide range of other skills. The summer day treatment program is available to children in both Jackson and George Counties. Please call our office for more information.