Developmental Disabilities

Singing River Industries

Singing River Industries/Jackson County is a program that serves adult individuals with intellectual disabilities/developmental disabilities. It is our belief that all individuals are able and have the right to live independently, enjoy self-determination, make choices, contribute to society, pursue meaningful careers, and enjoy integration in the economic, political, social & cultural mainstream of American society. The purpose of the program is to assist these individuals in remaining in their homes & communities. For over 35 years, the following services have been offered under this program:

  • Community Support Services
  • Supported Employment
  • Supported Living
  • Day Habilitation
  • Pre-vocational Services
  • The Eddie DiSanti Group Home

Additionaly, Singing River Industries is funded by state and federal grants with continual contributions from the local United Way Agency.


Eddie DiSanti Group Home

This group home is designed to increase independence and productivity on a daily basis, and it provides services which are critical in maintaining individuals in a community living arrangement. Supervised living arrangements must have staff available on-site 24 hours per day. Currently, the maximum capacity at the group home is for eight individuals. Additionally, the entire facility is ADA accessible.



Supported Employment

This program is an approach to assisting the mentally challenged individual in obtaining employment within the community. The individual is provided a job coach who will train him or her for the specific job and task. The employer will have continual on-going support and job coaching presence as long as it is necessary for success to be obtained. More than 100 individuals to date have been placed in long-term employment within the community.


Pre-Vocational Services


Daytime work training opportunities consisting of a range of activities directed at specific habilitation goals that are designed to lead to vocational skills development. Services are provided in a sheltered workshop setting as well as community based opportunities. It provides opportunities for the acquisition of necessary work and functional skills, and services provided in the sheltered workshop setting are directed towards increasing productivity and self-sufficiency.

Work activity sells many items in the community, such as:

  • crab traps
  • dining packets
  • landscaping stakes
  • parking bumpers

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Community Support Services

These services are designed to assist individuals in receiving services and supports in the community which meet their individual medical, social, educational, and/or recreational needs. This aids in prevention or delay of institutional placement and enhanced inclusion into the community. Community Support Services includes activities that: 1. Eliminate barriers to access and eligibility for services, supports, and other assistance. 2. Enhance system designs that encourage the creation of local & state wide information and referral systems. 3. Enhance individual, family, and citizen participation and involvement.



Work opportunities are sought out in the community and brought to Singing River Industries to provide real work, training and an opportunity to earn a tangible paycheck. Previous contracts include Northrop Grumman and Chevron.